Mountain Research Project on Asian High Mountains

Project Title

Mountain Research Project on Asian High Mountains

Cooperating researcher

NARAMA Chiyuki  Professor/Faculty of Science

Mountain Environmental Research Laboratory of Niigata University


The Mountain Research Project, which aims to play a leading role in mountain research among Japanese universities, undertakes activities in polar and mountainous regions around the world mainly in the Asian mountainous regions of Tien Shan, Ladakh, the Eastern Himalayas, and the Japanese Alps. Utilizing a range of methods including fieldwork (field observation), GIS (geographic information system) and remote sensing (satellite images, UAV aerial images and aerial photographs), we engage in activities centered on the theme “phenomena currently occurring in mountainous areas” to elucidate environmental changes and phenomena in mountainous areas such as glacier variations, spatial distribution of mountain permafrost and geomorphological disasters including, glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs), glacier avalanches, rock falls and landslides. To mitigate natural hazards, we also actively pursue outreach activities as a means of returning the results of our research to local residents. Already we have held report meetings four times in Ladakh in India and in the Kyrgyz Republic, and four times in Hakuba Village in Japan for various stakeholders including local residents, mountain guides, and mountain hut operators.

This project receives the support of Grants-in-aid for Science Research from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, local governments, and private sector grants.

Project Members

Name Title/Department Area of Specialization
NARAMA Chiyuki Professor/Faculty of Science, Niigata University Physical Geography
TODONO Takeo Senior Researcher/JAXA Earth Observation Research Center Satellite Environment
INOUE Hiroshi Chief Researcher/Social Disaster Prevention System Research Department, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Disaster Prevention
KOMORI Jiro Associate Professor/Faculty of Life Science, Teikyo Heisei University Physical Geography
YAMANOKUCHI Tsutomu Chief Researcher/Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan Satellite Environment
Mirlan Daiyrov Researcher/Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences Physical Geography
Murataly Duishonakunov Senior Lecturer/Faculty of Geography, Ecology and Tourism, Kyrgyz National University Physical Geography