Comparative Studies on Establishing a Legal Framework to Address Urbanization in East Asia


Project Title

Comparative Studies on Establishing a Legal Framework to Address Urbanization in East Asia

Full-time researcher

BABA Takeshi

Professor, Graduate School of Modern Society and Culture

Professor, Faculty of Law


This project aims to explore the urbanization challenges in East Asia from the perspective of Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11): Sustainable Cities and Communities. It involves collaboration among researchers specializing in civil law, administrative law, environmental law, politics, and government from Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

SDG 11 is of utmost importance, particularly for rapidly urbanizing cities in East Asia. This region grapples with urban issues caused by the migration of rural populations to urban areas. Japan, having tackled urbanization during its rapid economic growth, now faces the dilemma of declining city centers. This includes addressing issues like abandoned housing, which bear similarities to challenges encountered in Europe. The urban issues that Japan faces, such as high population density in cities and their subsequent decline, could potentially arise in other East Asian cities. Overcoming these issues is crucial to realizing the vision of “Sustainable Cities and Communities.” It’s worth noting that addressing these issues requires a multidisciplinary approach, involving fields such as law, politics, economics, sociology, and urban engineering. The heart of these issues lies in land use, emphasizing the need for interdisciplinary research on optimizing land utilization.

Therefore, this project focuses on four main issues: the fundamental matter of land ownership, fostering consensus among residents regarding urban space management, the legal framework governed by administrative law, and coordination among urban administrative agencies. By assessing the current situations in East Asia and the experiences in Japan, the project aims to identify the legal, political, and administrative conditions necessary for achieving “Sustainable Cities and Communities.”

Project Members

Name Affiliation and Official Position Area of Specialization Notes
BABA Takeshi Professor, Faculty of Law, Niigata University Government Leader
MIYAMORI Seiji Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Niigata University Environmental law Subleader
INAYOSHI Akira Professor, Faculty of Law, Niigata University Politics  
TANAKA Yoshihiro Visiting Professor, Niigata University Administrative law  
HASHIGUCHI Yusuke Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Konan University Civil law  
LAI Yusung Associate Professor, National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan) Administrative law Taiwan affairs
KIM Kyoung-Duk Research Fellow, Institute of Personal Data Research (Korea) Administrative law South Korean affairs
ZHOU Qian Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Kurume University Administrative law Chinese affairs






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