[Interview] Reflections on My Own Student Days, and a Message for the Students of Today – ARIMOTO Satoshi

Jan 6 2021
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Assoc. Prof. Arimoto’s interactions with students are usually in lectures on accounting and business management such as Cost Accounting Theory and Management Accounting Theory, and he values two-way communication with them. We asked Assoc. Prof. Arimoto about his time as a student, why he became a university faculty member, and what he expects from his students in the future.

An eccentric child who loved quiz shows!

――What were you like as a child?

Arimoto I didn’t read comics or anything like that at all. Instead I only watched quiz shows, and I was described as the odd one out in the class (laughs). But regardless of that, I was interested in quizzes, movies, sporting events, new products from companies, and many other things (other than comics), and I stayed tuned in to them.

Suddenly a faculty member at a university Encounters and timing lead to a career path

――What did you focus on when you were a student?

Arimoto Seminars. How my seminar teacher at the time thought has influenced how I think in my seminars now.

――Was there any job in particular you wanted to have?

Arimoto There was no job that I wanted in particular. I met a lot of people during my time at university, and those encounters, timing, and the flow of life in general combined, and I suddenly found myself a university faculty member.

――I see. So meeting people and timing is important. Do you still see your colleagues from your student days?

Arimoto The encounters I had while at university still influence me today, and I still see about six of the people I used to hang around with back then every year.

――As expected, encounters during your student days truly are important.

Have a broad perspective and meet people with different backgrounds and values

――What do you think is required from students?

Arimoto I want young people to have a broader perspective that allows them to understand diversity. Naturally I want them to learn about economics and other disciplines, but from the standpoint of sending students out into the world, I also want them to learn about different personalities and diversity while they are at university.

――Is there anything you wish you had done while you were a student? Any advice you can offer?

Arimoto When I think back to those days, I think I felt good when I was with people whose circumstances were similar to my own. It is definitely more fun to be among good friends, but now I strongly feel that I should have studied abroad and actively interacted with people whose circumstances and values were different from mine.

――That’s one of the things you should do while you’re a student, because it’s hard to study abroad unless you actually are a student. What are some feelings or experiences you have had when visiting foreign countries?

Arimoto My experience of teaching at a Korean university left a strong impression. Coming as I did from Japan, the Korean students listened in my classes seriously and we exchanged a variety of opinions. I experienced how the information and impressions you get in Japan are sometimes biased and that there are many things that are only learned once you go to a place.

――It sounds like a valuable experience you can only get a sense of by actually going there.


pic: ARIMOTO SatoshiARIMOTO Satoshi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economic Sciences.
Graduated from the School of Commerce and Graduate School of Commerce at Waseda University, and has been employed at the Niigata University Faculty of Economics (reorganized into the Faculty of Economic Sciences in April 2020) since 2008. He is a member of the Japanese Association of Management Accounting and the Japan Accounting Association. His research and activities include research into the issue of the role of SME collaboration and management accounting information, as well as work on industry-academia cooperation in research and education in the Niigata region.

Interview date: September 1, 2020
Interview/text: HAFUKA Taisei (Undergraduate student, Faculty of Economics)


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