The Asian Link Research Center hosted the Professor DA Zhigang Lecture Meeting

Dec 6 2019
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The Asian Link Research Center hosted the Professor DA Zhigang Lecture Meeting at the Ikarashi Campus on November 20 (Wednesday). The purpose of the lecture meeting, organized by the SMEs Knowledge Network Center of the Asian Link Research Center, was to discuss ways of deepening cooperation between Heilongjiang Province and Niigata Prefecture (City) from the standpoint of regional cooperation by advancing the discussion one step further than the dialogue held by a think tank from the perspective of research on Northeast Asia and Japan-China relations. The meeting took place with 48 participants in attendance on the day, including local government and corporate stakeholders as well as stakeholders from the university.

President TAKAHASHI Sugata opened the meeting by welcoming participants, and Asian Link Research Center Director TAKAHASHI Hideki followed by explaining the objectives and background of the center.

Next, Professor DA Zhigang, Director and Researcher of Northeast Asia Research Institute, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, China, and Chief Expert of the Northeast Asia Strategic Research Institute, gave a lecture entitled “New Opportunities for Normalizing Sino-Japanese Relations and Regional Cooperation from the Perspective of Deepening Cooperation Between Heilongjiang and Niigata.” In the course of his lecture, Professor Da put forward various proposals from various fields in regard to international exchanges and regional cooperation in Heilongjiang Province and Niigata Prefecture (City). Furthermore, in line with objectives of the SMEs Knowledge Network, he described future possibilities and prospects for cooperation with Japan through SMEs in Heilongjiang Province based on actual circumstances.

In light of Professor Da’s lecture, Dr. MU Yaoqian, Senior Research Fellow, Research Division, Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA), afterwards made the comment, “While relationships based on economic cooperation and investment are considered important, international exchanges for realizing regional prosperity are also vital.”

After the lecture, participants engaged in a lively discussion.

It was a very meaningful meeting where participants listened with enthusiasm and took advantage of opportunities to exchange information during breaks and after the meeting.

The university is committed to promoting research activities in the East Asian Rim in the future and intends to support human resource development closely related to research activities and to engage in public relations activities for that purpose.

President TAKAHASHI Sugata giving welcome speech

Director TAKAHASHI Hideki explaining the objectives and background of the Asian Link Research Center

Professor DA Zhigang giving the lecture

Professor DA Zhigang and Dr. MU Yaoqian at the discussion session

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